How to make on page SEO on the spot for 1st page ranking?

The term on page SEO refers to any changes that you make on the website to improve its SEO. Correct on page SEO helps a site rank faster and helps in maintaining that ranking. An over optimized site tends to fall off the Search engine page results while a perfectly optimized site stays there. In this post we will see how we can achieve the same.

Use a faster web hosting

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If your site has a lot of content or if it’s an eCommerce site then I’d suggest going for a vps server since it will load your website effectively and fast. Here’s a list of free vps hosting providers that you can use.

Conversions can be lost when you add a second to the loading time.

Optimizing page titles

Pages titles are one of the most important factors with respect to on page SEO. The page titles should be unique to the site and should have keywords that you are trying to optimize the site for.

If you include the relevant keywords, search engines understand that the particular page is relevant to these keywords and will consider the page for ranking.

Meta descriptions

Even though meta descriptions are a highly debated topic, its needless to say that they form part and parcel of on page SEO optimization.

Meta descriptions often feature on search engines exactly as they were written by you.

Meta tags

These consist of other keywords that are relevant to your content and the page. You can get a list of relevant keywords by using any good keyword tool, even the free ones.

There are different SEO plugins available that help you enter the meta tags, keywords and descriptions and they all go to the correct places. Some of these plugins also let you know if you have over optimized the on page SEO or if you didn’t type the right amount of content and things like that.

Structuring the URL

There are many URL structures available on WordPress including but not limited to the one that includes date in the url, another with post category, another with just numbers in them and so on.

But the best one is something that lets you include the keywords in the URL.

H1, h2, h3 tags

The H1 tag is taken the post title.

However you can include h2 and h3 tags for paragraph headings.